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Various inspection methods

We check the condition of the blade using various latest methods. From the most basic LPS test to inspection through NDE and rope access, all currently used inspection methods are possible. 
Then, can anyone do the inspection if they have the latest machines? Only knowing which part is important can it lead to important decisions such as efficient inspection and operation or suspension. Be with ZARAWIND.

We started this job by analyzing the crack

This is a serious matter. We, who have been focusing on producing blade parts, have been asked to consult someday. We were asking for our opinion on cracks that occurred on a specific site. It was a serious problem and we argued that the windmill should be shut down right now. However, certain companies expressed their opinion that they could repair it, and eventually, after a design review, they went through the process of shutdown and blade disposal. This incident was an important opportunity for us to enter the blade repair market. Blades should not be handled indiscriminately without structural understanding and design knowledge.

ZARAWIND is different. Talk with ZARAWIND.

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