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Product & Service

We have vertically integrated production and inspection and repair. We have a strict production quality system and use it to perform repairs.​


Blade parts

We work with ©Human Composite, the only blade manufacturer in South Korea.

We have the technology to utilize composite materials used to manufacture wind power blades.


Blade Inspection
& analyze
& consulting

We inspect blades using drones, rope access, non-destructive testing equipment, and MEWPs. What matters is how you analyze your observations and strategize accordingly.


Blade repair
& various solutions

Once an accurate inspection and analysis has been completed, an efficient repair plan must be established. Zarawind knows what's important to a blade based on its blade making experience. And you can determine which method and how to repair is effective from an AEP and safety point of view.

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Zarawind applies a variety of solutions in an open position. Businesses can test and apply various solutions with us. Our customers can apply various solutions through us. We enjoy trying new things.

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Model: Sky750N

Working height : 73M

Pollution on the outside of a wind turbine may not look good, but it can also affect its functionality. We provide cleaning services even in hard-to-reach areas

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